Recipe for Farewell (2022)

Recipe for Farewell (2022)

Other name: 오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라 Oneuleun Jom Maewoolji Molla Oneuleun Jom Maeuljido Molla It Might Be A Little Spicy Today Today May Be Spicy It May Be a Little Spicy Today


Chang Rae is in his 40’s. He works as a translator and a humanities instructor. His wife suffers from terminal bowel cancer. She also has difficulties eating, because of digestive problem. She asks Chang Rae to cook for her everyday, even though the only thing he knows how to make is ramen. Chang Rae begins to cook for his wife and she eats little bits of his food, which he cooks with love and care.

Director: Director: Lee Ho Jae [이호재]


Status: Ongoing

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