Mr. Durian (2022)

Mr. Durian (2022)

Other name: 初恋是榴莲先生 初戀是榴蓮先生 Chu Lian Shi Liu Lian Xian Sheng First Love is Mr. Durian Господин Дюриан


Su Chen, the Mr. Durian, who is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, has secretly been in love with Yi Xiang Nuan for many years. One day, he bravely showed his heart to Yi Xiang Nuan and unexpectedly, Yi Xiang Nuan has also fallen in love with him. The two spent a happy and romantic campus couple life, but an accident forced them to separate.

Director: Director: Tao Zhi Qiang [陶志强]


Status: Ongoing

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